About Me

Hi, I’m Zachary. I’m a software engineer who also likes to dabble in electronics. In my free time, I like to work on projects related to model trains, video games, and more recently, 3D printing.

I’m a big fan of Rust, and have been using it for personal projects since 2016, and I’ve basically been watching it grow since way back in version 1.6. I’ve used it for servers like this website and my train controller, clientside on webapps like my Satisfactory Accounting tool and a debugger for my friend’s GameBoy emulator (where I also wrote the virtual CPU in Rust), and wonky cross-language things, like this time I tried using a Rust library in Unity or the time I built a server with a Python gRPC server bound to a Rust backend, again for my train controller.

When I’m not doing some project or other, you can find me hiking, rock climbing, snowboarding, or training for medieval swordfighting.